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Manuela Luterbacher is an artist, performer, curator, art manager and cultural mediator. She lives in Bern, Switzerland, and works in various constellations and forms. Her art/works range from interdisciplinary performances to photography, moving images, happenings, audio works, djing, installations, drawings and paintings, scupltures and participatory art projects.

She is co-founder of the performance collective PERFORM PERFORM, and has been curating various events and art exhibitions since 2016. From 2020 to 2023, she curated the installations and performances of Bagno Popolare, an art space and former Roman thermal bath in Baden, CH, where people can bathe in water and art. Since 2020 she works as a cultural agent (Kulturagent.innen Schweiz) where she integrates artistic thinking into everyday school life by inviting other artists for collaborations at primary and secondary schools. Manuela has graduated in postindustrial and process design at HyperWerk in Basel and psychology in Fribourg university.

Artistic approach: Creating connections. In her artistic work she deals with human relationships and creative interactions. She experiments with social spaces and their influence on behavior and thinking. As a curator, she wants to

create encounters, opportunities, and spaces in everyday situations to get in touch with the unknown and create something for or with others in a new dynamic. She loves the in-between, the intersections, the common, the intermingling or the oblique. She needs stimulation by life and people, and uses performative irritations and disruptions as artistic methods.

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