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I am an artist, performer, curator, art manager and cultural mediator. I've been working as a cultural agent (Kulturagent-innen Schweiz) for schools in Bern (CH) since 2020. I try to integrate art and design into everyday school life by inviting other artists and cultural workers to collaborate at primary schools. I studied Post-Industrial and Process Design at HyperWerk in Basel (CH) and Psychology in Fribourg (CH). I am the co-founder of the performance collective PERFORM PERFORM and have been curating various events and art exhibitions since 2016. From 2020 to 2023, I worked as the artistic co-director of the installations and performances of a former Roman thermal bath in Baden (CH), where people can bathe in water and art.

Creating connections: In my artistic work I deal with human relationships and creative interactions. I experiment with social spaces and their influence on behaviour and thinking. As a curator, I want to create encounters, opportunities and spaces in everyday situations to get in touch with the unknown and reflect on different aspects of life - and if possible, create something for others or with others in a new dynamic. I love the in-between, the intersections, the common, the intermingling or the oblique, and in the process performative irritations and disruptions in everyday life are my artistic methods.

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